Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beautiful ~Back frame canvas

Hi this is CHARLIE  and this is my project for this christmas at zeus and zoe ,I was in the middle of November when I started to create  this christmas themed glittered canvas , I was struck by lightning when I did  this , it's like Magic on Paints , everything is special and glittery !! I was wondering how I did this !! Nah but sorry guys didn't Do any tutorial for this one ..I was so busy and tired to do a tute but its seems it turns this project amazing !! The good thing about this  is that it's not made by a true canvas this one is Chipboard .. (you see when you buy a frame you'll have a free chipboard or plastic to the back to lock your photos ,  and then I spotted the chipboard will work big on paper craft and nice to work with Zeus and Zoe Kits ..
This time I make sure everything is glittery ,so I added lots of glitter and popping colors)!!!

So The layers are all made using scrap magazine papers and book pages and then I added gesso .. I used a lot of fabric from the kit as well as the gorgeous flower packs ..Paint's are from conda and Dixon ,for the mist I just used Lindy's ... So Lovely it takes me 2 hrs to work on this piece I hope you guys Like it !!


Lynn Good said...

This is awesome. Pity about the tutorial - would have been fantastic to watch this masterpiece come together :).

Lizzy Hill said...

STUNNING...love those delish pops of colour on the flowers...accordion flowers...yum!!!!!!!!

butterfly said...

Stunning composition and colours - this is a big WOW!
Alison x

Marivic Clifton said...

I love it! So gorgeous!! You're amazing Charlie!