Monday, February 24, 2014

Just a little spring majic!

I created this lovely little canvas using stuff from the Zeus and Zoe store.

I used vintage lace and vintage doilies for the background, covered them in Gesso and then paint.
I added spray inks to blend the paint and to add a little sparkle.

I used a hot glue gun to create the tree, and added paint and gelatos to color it.

I cut the birds out of vintage paper, and cut apart a Prima flower spring to add to the tree and the grass.
thanks so much for your visit!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Something late for Valentines

Hello Everybody  !! Hows the day , valentines ?? hehehehe .Okay Charllie  here again coming up with a shadow box created for you guys and this piece was super inspired by JJ showers on youtube. she created her box out of chipboard stripes and form it into a circle to have the base of the shadow box. She is very awesome and very creative woman !!! Okay for the shadow box I had used a lot of metal gears ,laces,buttons,papers & fibers came from the store (you can in the video ) . I tucked some flowers on the left side and the roses are certified handmade by me and I want to sell it for  Filipinos but not this time Im too busy and I'm not in with it !! LOL Okay for further description and details watched the video !!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Inspiration Goddess

I found a fake lightbulb while I was shopping one day, and it begged me to take it home and alter it.  It took me a while to figure out what the fake lightbulb wanted to become, but then I had that "ah-ha!" moment.

So, if a picture of a lightbulb represents inspiration or thought, then my lightbulb would represent the inspiration to create.  I would make myself an inspiration goddess.

I used lace and findings from Zeus and Zoe
to build the base of my goddess.  In the middle of her hangs a star, a bright button and a flower.  The star is for shining and reaching.  May your art work shine and don't be afraid to try.  The button is to remember brilliance.  Not everything has to be brilliant, but I love the feeling you get when you're feeling brilliant.  The flower is for beauty, make something beautiful, find something beautiful.

On her body I used a rub on from Tim Holtz that reads, "dreamer of dreams."  I think that any one that feels the call to create art is a "dreamer of dreams."

My inspiration goddess has four arms.  She holds a shamrock, a butterfly, a bird, and a key.  Luck, flight and freedom are represented here.  She does not hold a bird cage to contain the bird, or a lock to use with the key.  May your art be limitless and with out restriction!  Lastly, I placed a crown on her head.  She is a goddess and a queen.  The crown is remind everyone that you make your own rules in your art.  You answer to no one.  

Please let my inspiration goddess give you ideas!  Happy crafting.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shabby Chic RULZ!!!

Hey there! Lizzy here with a lovely simple project to share...I'm starting on increasing my card stash & thought I'd have a play with some Vellum. Which I've dry embossed. Then heat embossed. With gold, then pearl powders...& THEN I decided the silver trinket could do with some heat embossing on it went!!!
I popped on some gesso, then sprinkled the gold embossing powder over it whilst still 'wet' - that way it sticks until I got it heated. Worked a treat. See for yourself:
 Oh, and the sentiment has pretty much been given the same treatment!!!
I've  also distressed the vellum, after using a border punch along the edges.
 I've scattered some vintage gold buttons around...
 You can't 'do' shabby chic without lace & trims, right??!!!! Below you can see that lovely golden shimmer:)
 And below is a side view of the layers, with a 'semi-hidden' button:
So, here's the finished card.....I did sooo enjoy making this it's your turn to get out those embossing tools!!!
Goodies from Zeus & Zoe Etsy Shop include:
roses trim, buttons, patterned paper, fairy trinket & lace
Thanks for taking a peek ~ Cheers, Lizzy ♥♥♥

Monday, February 10, 2014

By the sea

"By the sea"
I started with a blank canvas and by adding some beautiful lace,spray inks, flowers and vintage buttons from the Zeus and Zoe store was able to create this gorgeous canvas.

I started by gluing pieces of lace and vintage doilies down to the canvas.I the added more texture by applying hot glue to the canvas. the next step was to start spraying many different colors of ink to create a nice patina. Once that was done, I used the packaging from the Prima flowers to make the banner. I simply cut triangles from the cardstock and distressed the edges and added a little ink.

 I then added some string and trimmed some of the decorations from a vintage doily.

 I added some flowers and beads from the Zeus and zoe store.

And even more lace and pieces of doilies.

This is my completed project just filled with texture and color!
what do you think?
head over to the Zeus and Zoe store to get your self some awesome goodies to create with!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Vinateg tag Tutorial !!

                Hi  Guys Charllie here and I like to share with my work on the new stuff from the store . So I'm gonna start my day with a tutorial and a video decription for you guys  ( the video description will be uploaded latert since You-tube has some difficulties while uploading ~SORRY). this month theme for my project is about love , any kind of love will do and for me vintage style and steapunk really matches this months feel . Valentines day is comming so I have prepared a lot of projects and video descriptions . This day I'm going to share 2 projects that features vintage style and most of all new scrappy stuff on ZEUS AND ZOE STORE. So If you want to watch the video desscription of the 2nd project I will upload it later since of the difficulties .. Just go to my blog to see the vide okay  here is the link :  MY BLOG

  Closse UPS:


Secret Admirer

Zeus and Zoe has a Secret Admirer!  

I put her together with some of the items from my goody box from Marivic.  I thought she went well with the vintage paper advertising and lace, plus the key findings.    I don't think that there was a better Valentine's Day project that I could have found this year.  

The key to her heart:
Her heart was hand formed out of paper clay, then painted with Art Anthology "Red Velvet" Dimensional gel paint. I added a metal heart shaped lock on top of the heart.

Thanks for joining me on the Zeus and Zoe blog today!

If you participate in Valentine's Day, I hope yours is special.  I'm treating myself to a spa day!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Something to Hold Stamps....

Weird title, I know.....I don't do piles of Off the Page projects - usually they're driven by a need. In this case, a place to pop those stamps that you collect for charity....or that's what I'm doing here in Oz!
So, a bit of a step by step:

 The metal 'clock' was really heavy, so I attached it with some picture hanging wire! It hides behind the invisible yet strong:):)
And here's how it all ended up. All the goodies I've used are from Zeus & Zoe apart from the string, wire & the little metal butterfly:

 That diamante trim has to be an all-time fave.....I've hot glued the buttons & all the trims on....
 I've used Distress Crackle paint - clear rock candy - over the 'clock' face...the key looks sooo cute dangling down, don't you think??? LOOOVE that Webster's lace down the bottom:):)

 The lid has some gel medium-ed paper, covered with an old lace doily, then some ribbon & I've added some glitter for the little charm to sit on:) The etsy shop has scrumptious trims to choose from:)
I've used string to attach the clock to the a bit more of a rustic look!
This was an easy, fun project, & practical - not too much of a 'dust collector', either:):)
Hope it gives you some ideas to get creative ~ Cheers, Lizzy ♥♥♥