Monday, November 17, 2014

Make your gift personal - by DT Zanka

I'm popping in today with a quick and simple inspiration - it's all about giving and making it personal!
If you just spend few minutes on decorating the present bag, you can turn the most ordinary brown present bag into something personal and really special.
I have a set here, a small card and a matching bag, where I decorated the front.

It really doesn't require a lot of supplies, quite a contrary-you can use bits and pieces from your 'nice to have, perhaps I can use it again ' bin.
I decorated my object with some awesome background vintage paper, which was to thin to hold a LO, but works perfect as a layer. I have added some die cuts in contrasting emerald green, plus the flowers, pieces of lace, cotton strips, chipboard and pearls.
All of above comes from Zeus and Zoe etsy store.

Hope you had a good time here today!
DT Zanka

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