Sunday, July 27, 2014

Say Hello to Charlie!!

Hello Charlie!!

Hello I'm Charlemagne G. Gargalicano Jr., also known as Charllie Gee or Shimmerlyscrappy. I lived in Philippines, Bacolod City.  I'm 17 years old and was born on the 3rd day of May, year 1997. I’m a young college student at LCC-B with the course of DIGITAL  ARTS

        I have always been creative and artistic.  I see art and beauty in everything. I started scrapping when I was 13 as yet another way to express my artistic vision. Since then, I have found scrapping has changed my life and given me the confidence to be myself - which can be difficult as a teen.  

       I’m a Mixed-media artist, I do paintings  and I do Video classes on my YouTube and also Ustream .I like to create projects that are more  on textures and techniques. I also DO Digital arts creating papers and wanted them to be bought by a company  but I guess ,someday the will buy it LOL!!. SO I am happy on this team and the best teams so far in my life .. SO I hope you'll see me very often in this blog :)

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Rachelle Olaridge said...

Hi there Charlie!!! Love your gorgeous work. Congrats DT!!!!