Saturday, February 8, 2014

Vinateg tag Tutorial !!

                Hi  Guys Charllie here and I like to share with my work on the new stuff from the store . So I'm gonna start my day with a tutorial and a video decription for you guys  ( the video description will be uploaded latert since You-tube has some difficulties while uploading ~SORRY). this month theme for my project is about love , any kind of love will do and for me vintage style and steapunk really matches this months feel . Valentines day is comming so I have prepared a lot of projects and video descriptions . This day I'm going to share 2 projects that features vintage style and most of all new scrappy stuff on ZEUS AND ZOE STORE. So If you want to watch the video desscription of the 2nd project I will upload it later since of the difficulties .. Just go to my blog to see the vide okay  here is the link :  MY BLOG

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harry Fa said...
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Marivic Clifton said...

Charlie..Gorgeous work!! Would love to see what's inside! Love it! Thanks!