Thursday, February 20, 2014

Inspiration Goddess

I found a fake lightbulb while I was shopping one day, and it begged me to take it home and alter it.  It took me a while to figure out what the fake lightbulb wanted to become, but then I had that "ah-ha!" moment.

So, if a picture of a lightbulb represents inspiration or thought, then my lightbulb would represent the inspiration to create.  I would make myself an inspiration goddess.

I used lace and findings from Zeus and Zoe
to build the base of my goddess.  In the middle of her hangs a star, a bright button and a flower.  The star is for shining and reaching.  May your art work shine and don't be afraid to try.  The button is to remember brilliance.  Not everything has to be brilliant, but I love the feeling you get when you're feeling brilliant.  The flower is for beauty, make something beautiful, find something beautiful.

On her body I used a rub on from Tim Holtz that reads, "dreamer of dreams."  I think that any one that feels the call to create art is a "dreamer of dreams."

My inspiration goddess has four arms.  She holds a shamrock, a butterfly, a bird, and a key.  Luck, flight and freedom are represented here.  She does not hold a bird cage to contain the bird, or a lock to use with the key.  May your art be limitless and with out restriction!  Lastly, I placed a crown on her head.  She is a goddess and a queen.  The crown is remind everyone that you make your own rules in your art.  You answer to no one.  

Please let my inspiration goddess give you ideas!  Happy crafting.


Sarah Lynch said...

This is so fantastic Lee!! Love her!

Monica said...

whew hew I love it.
definitely an inspiration!

kristie said...

This is so cool and beautiful!!

fairyrocks said...

Great 'light bulb' moment, love that you follow your muse!! She is wonderful. Keep smiling and creating.

Charllie Gee said...

Oh my gosh what a fab project nice idea withbthe bulbs so pretty

Lizzy Hill said...

Sooo creative! Love the end result. I'm glad you had that light bulb moment:):)!!!!

harry Fa said...
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Marivic Clifton said...

So clever and so creative! I love it! Thanks!!