Friday, February 21, 2014

Something late for Valentines

Hello Everybody  !! Hows the day , valentines ?? hehehehe .Okay Charllie  here again coming up with a shadow box created for you guys and this piece was super inspired by JJ showers on youtube. she created her box out of chipboard stripes and form it into a circle to have the base of the shadow box. She is very awesome and very creative woman !!! Okay for the shadow box I had used a lot of metal gears ,laces,buttons,papers & fibers came from the store (you can in the video ) . I tucked some flowers on the left side and the roses are certified handmade by me and I want to sell it for  Filipinos but not this time Im too busy and I'm not in with it !! LOL Okay for further description and details watched the video !!


Monica said...

wow how did I miss this.. It glorious!

harry Fa said...
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Marivic Clifton said...

Amazing Charlie..That's what they should call you!
Thank you for another incredible work!