Sunday, August 10, 2014

Charrlie~Lovely bird Shadow Box


 Hello Zeus and Zoe and friends !!LOL!! here's my work for this month with a tutorial  , I used so much of the mixed media kits and the laces fro zues and zoe .. hope you guys like it!

        A Lovely Bird Shadow Box ~Zeus and Zoe

Hello Everyone this Charllie and I am back again to share another work  for Zeus and Zoe and all that you missed in this site , such as my video tutorial.. this time lately I have  been busy working on school , and luckily I got Good grades , thanks to God and to all the people who support me and to my family . Next week will be my mid term examination.. and I hope you guys give me more prayers... !!LOL!! But Let no fear evil because God is always there .

So this following month is the first  Zeus and Zoe DT members to show there project using the items from the store. actually I prepared a challenge for the DT's but I forgot I posted it on the wrong group and  I lately post the challenge  , so that means some of the DT's used watercolors for there project and some weren't able to do it since they already have there project . yet there is an open giveaway at Zeus and zoe blog Check it out
I missed doing tutorials So I guess I need to have one in this month .. hahahaha so anyways who would like to see me sing ?? any Idea for my new cover song  on youtube pls.. tell and I'll sing it If I can lol.. I am planning to have a singing segment to my craft challenge what you think??



Marivic Clifton said...

Good job Charlie! Totally love this box!! Awesome job! Thanks!!!

Pawsitively Creative said...

This is an amazing concept and one that I am going to try! Awesome job and thanks so much for sharing. BTW-congrats on the good grades. :)