Friday, October 24, 2014


                       Hey Yo !! YO YO YO !! What's up yeah boom (L.O.L. and WEIRD). Well hello ZZ  . IT's Charllie ,it's been so much fun trying out new techniques and  IDeas for you guys . this time a lot of scrapbookers and youtubers ask me about how do I work on creating a cool vintage background .. Well here's my answer LOL.

 I added a lot of greens and gold tones  to create a steam-punk effect  (I also tried to convey a Halloween ) . This is an album for an event I did for my school , actually this is a school project yet I did mine as a scrapbook album .It is really fun to do this album . quite Chic and very delicious (I will not eat it ) When you see it it is really yummy LOL!! I know I liked the green and gold tones so cool and vibrant .. So to cheer you up enjoys some of my photos of it ..

 That's all guys and I hope You'll follow my blog and make sure to like my video on you-tube and hit subscribe :)

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