Saturday, October 11, 2014

Charllie is back in the buzz!!

Hey I'm cak and hope you guys miss me lol !! nah it's so busy at school and such but here I am sharing with you a wonderful work of mine :)
This one of my favorite covers of all surely the vintage I wanted . It seems so hard to achieved but it isn't , I used a lot of mica powders and sprays to get the effect . The background was covered up using Prima's Finnabair sunset and sunrise collection  and to match the whole picture well I used inks and a lot of Zeus and Zoe product . The flowers are from Prim which is also available from the store. I wanted the whole thing to be clarified as vintage that why I made it like that :). The title was used to remind me that there will be another day to achieved what I want to improve my sketches and another to do thing in life and also there will be next time :) (just try and practice to make you the best )

(alert!! close ups explode )

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Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Gorgeous journal cover, love the background texture and beautiful embellishments