Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gypsy Frame Glass Transfer

Hello Everyone!

I did some upcycling that I wanted to share with everyone.  I have this picture frame that I like, but I didn't like the color of the fake wood.  This frame became the perfect candidate for a Zeus and Zoe make over.

First I coated the frame with gesso.

After the first coat of gesso, I added torn strips of pages from an old book.

I did not cover the entire frame with the vintage paper.  I left some areas with only gesso and overlapped the papers in other areas. Ensuring complete dryness, I let the frame sit overnight.  I began painting with the frame.

On the Graphic Fairy's website, I found this image.  I recolored her blouse in photoshop, because I didn't want the bright yellow.  

I took Mod Podge and coated one of the pieces of glass, then I took the print out and placed it carefully over the glass.  You have to be very careful if you are using an inkjet printer image, as to not smear the image.

The gypsy image was also left to dry overnight.  Once dry, I misted the back of the paper with water. 

Rub the damp paper carefully to remove most of the paper from the glass, being careful to leave the image.

I finished embellishing the frame with goodies.  I beaded dangly metal circles to string across the inside edge of the frame, as a nod to my gypsy image.

The frame can be used with the gypsy image as decor.  Or since this frame can be seen from either side, you could still place a picture inside and have the gypsy image on the back.

Thanks for having a look!

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Lizzy Hill said...

SIMPLY SENSATIONAL...loooove it...image transfers rock, & this one looks amazing....fab transformation!!!