Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wedding Album Cover

I survived the international move to Germany. We now have a house. Our belongings are still at sea, which means my scrap goodies are somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean. I admit that my carry-on luggage contained my laptop and scrap supplies.

Only having a carry-on's amount of supplies makes me feel like I have the bare minimum with me.  I am working with what I brought and a kit to which  I subscribe, which was the first piece of mail that I have received at my new address.  I don't have any punches, or my die cutter, or my Distrezz-It-All. I'm roughing it!

I have managed to make something while enduring my spartan scrap conditions.

I was inspired by this cameo that I received in my goody box from Zeus and Zoe. I added the beads  (using the mending kit from my hotel room) to the bottom of the lace.  The bride is also from Zeus and Zoe; she came from a vintage book on style. 

This album, obviously not yet complete, will be a wedding present for a special person in my life.  So, please, don't tell her!


Does anyone watch Downton Abbey?  Does this vintage bride remind anyone else of Edith, or is it just me?


Lizzy Hill said...

I am amaza-gobbed at your creativity in VERY dire scrapping circumstances....this is just GORGEOUS, wonder that cameo caught your've created such a luscious vintage piece...LOOOOOVE!!!! Hope your 'babiees' [ie, scrapping stuff] come home to 'mama' soon!!!!

Monica said...

Yessssssss Edith!!!!!!!!! wow... great job in your spartan conditions!!! I love that you used the mending kit. I hope ALLLLLLLLLL your supplies arrive shortly!

Marivic Clifton said...

I hope you're having fun in Germany Lee! I love what you did to the album cover! Beautiful! Thanks!!

Peter Cummins said...

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