Monday, March 31, 2014

Ain't Life Grand

Hello everyone!  I have put together a vintage-y card for Zeus and Zoe.  I used my sewing machine, and kept adding layers.  Don't ever tell my mother that I enjoyed using my sewing machine.  Well, I do enjoy using it on paper.*

Enough about me.  Here is the card.  It's a bit bulky and will probably be delivered by hand.  The vintage picture, bits of printed paper, green PP, paper bird, paper flowers, and the decorative title plate are all from Zeus and Zoe.

For those of you that have just received more snow, I apologize for taking an outdoor photograph.  I love these purple flowers, even if they belong to the neighbor.

The inside:

Thanks for having a peek at my project!  

  *If I have to use my sewing machine on fabric, it's for hemming curtains (yawn.  Booorrring!).

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Monica said...

I don't even own a sewing machine.. I tried sewing by hand however.. .that didn't work so well. This is a great vintage card!