Tuesday, December 23, 2014

CHARLLIE's Wicked and Rebellious POST (HAHAHA IT"S LATE)

Hi Everyone Charllie Here !! Oh it's nice to be back around here!

It’s been a while since I blogged and crafting , I absolutely  busy with school and health ( actually I’m not feeling well , I have stomach pains and I hardly didn’t sleep. I hope you guys can pray for me, and help me to cure this stomach or abdominal pain)  Oh well Merry Christmas to all of you 

This 2 project is for my DT , I made a scrapbook album and a Cover of a Photo-album . First I created a christmas tree ornament , You can hang this on a tree as well as it will serve a fun way to put your photos , I used ornamental beads and chipboard  from ZEUS AND ZOE . and stamped it up using Lapitite Frnacais stamps ,  and the next one is a  Replica of my favorite novel and favorite Webisode which is Ever after HIGH ( I know it's girly yet its fantastic) I made this photo-album cover using paints and chipboard form Zeus and Zoe as well as I stamped the background with LPF stamped and added golden  handmade embellishments , This 2 project was given to afriend of mine  for our exchanging of Christmas Gift , I got a Digital media magazine that is suitable for scrapbooking it sort of mixed media using Photoshop

I made this scrapbook album Using the newest Mood board I created for ZZ , Its all bout the red and browns .. which  is mostly cute and catchy even if its winter   :)

The next project is about Recreating or try to make the storybook of legends real (sort of ) LOL I made this one without using the mood-board and give it to a friend during our class christmas party .. It was fun and PARTEEEEYYY.

The Original book sorry it's kinda Blury ( No time to take photos )

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