Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Canvas from styro and A LAyout ~CHARLLIE

                                         Hello everyone!!
                                      CHARLLIE HERE:)
              Summer just ended here at the Philippines and I know  I did a lot of project every summer ( but  I guess The addiction will end ) I mean not ended , I will never quit scrap-booking as a matter fact I will find ways to manage College over Scrapbooking ( but School is first )
              I used lots of new trims and new prima items from my Design team the shop Zeus and Zoe  which are AWESOME.

              All the snapshots or close ups will be on my blog since it's too many I don't want to overload pics here !!

Things Matter Most Layout  

You see I added the same photo again , I don't care , I used the same style , I don't Care ,In the photo I wore  an expensive T shirt , I don't care , I don't care at all for what matter most is that I am being who I am and being very sentimental in things , I don't care  about how people judge me on How I look or How I do things .Just being me is important ,In life don't try to be anybody , instead be like you ,( I got that qoute from Legally Blonde movie ) but it's the truth , I  speak honest , I tried to be someone else even in my scrap-booking I do try  to be anyone to get attention and trust but Nothing happens , So I stopped it and try to believe in  me !!! That is the most important thing believe in yourself before you believe in others

The Guy Your Looking For 
Ahh I love this Canvas So Good and very lovely my inspiration Sherlock Homes !! I look like him here but more scary version!! LOL!! Mabe MR. Scrooge LOL!
the canvas by the way Isn't a  real canvas this is made in a Styrofoam !1 YEah no kidding

Okay here is It


Marivic Clifton said...

Awesome work Charlie! Love Mr. Scrooge!

Tracey Gregory said...

Charlie-you are great!