Monday, May 20, 2013

Janel's Make-up Bag

Hello!!! I’m Janel from NellieBellie and I am so pleased to be here again! Today I want to share with you this quick way to make a fabulous make-up bag with Mod Podge, fabric, and fabulous trimmings from Zeus and Zoe! 


This cute bag started out as a plain, boring makeup bag that came with some samples I had gotten. I have a mess of these basic little make-up bags. When I was gathering them to toss out I paused and realized…these can be turned into something great! So, after Mod Podging some fabulous zebra shirt fabric patches onto the plain ol’ bag I added some fabulous lace and velvet trim from Zeus and Zoe and beautiful turquoise feathers to give the bag some additional jazz and fun. Now this plain, generic make-up bag is something to show off and be proud of. Best part is you can personalize the fabric and trim to your personal taste. The mood board for May was feminine, pink, lacy, and full of girl appeal. This DIY Makeup bag is feminine, pink, lacy, and full of girl appeal…score! You all have a great day…I’m off to fill my new make-up bag with goodies!



Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

I love this funky bag Janel! Thanks for the inspiration! =)

Norma Gomez said...

This is so cool, love it!

Marivic Clifton said...

Love the fabric and the idea of collaging a make-up bag.

Really cool!! Thanks Janel!

Sandie Edwards said...

What a fabulous idea, love it! If I could put zips in, I'd make one, but fail miserably! LOL

Riikka Kovasin said...

Really cool idea and wonderful result!

Denise van Deventer said...

So creative and love the pattern and feathers! Trim is beautiful too!